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A long time ago Hippocrates said the famous line “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Well it stuck, today there is an ever increasing amount of books and blogs on healthy dieting and so on. However, while we all do not dispute the validity of that phrase when it comes to natural food; we don’t seem …

Stop Making Jesus Cool or Religious, He is who He is

cool or religious

At his encounter with God, Moses inquired of God’s name. God replied with “I am who I am.” In a Hebrew culture which puts so much meaning in names, Moses attempted to define God is in his own mind so that he can explain God to his own people. Hence, to know God’s name is to know what God is …

Why I Will Never Be an Atheist


Recently there have been a few people who grew up in the Russian community that came out on their social media platforms and told the world that they have walked away from Christianity. Some of these people happen to be my friends and some I barely know. Just like them, I grew up in the Slavic community where I struggled …

The Death of Death


This is a Tribute to my Dad, Whom death claimed as its own! I remember it was 5:15 AM on a Saturday morning when I was awakened from my sleep by the nonstop ringing of my phone. On the other side of the line was my oldest sister gasping to breathe. She was very upset and crying; she was attempting …

Yes, a Disciple of Jesus Must Be Part of His Church!


You are called to be a disciple of Jesus and be part of His church. But you’ve also probably seen the meme on Facebook with the caption, “I would rather be fishing and thinking about God; rather than sitting in church and thinking about fishing.” While the author might’ve been sincere, nonetheless it promotes a false dichotomy.

In God’s Image

In God's Image

We have a role model crisis in our society today. We look up to the wrong image. We went from imitating people who made a difference in history with great character virtues to imitating half-drunk TV reality stars, whose life is a train wreck.