When Good Distractions lead to Destruction


There are good things that can become distractions  from great things. A couple of years ago I bought an old house and decided to remodel it. I sketched a plan, hired an architect, and pulled the necessary permits.This started the long and treacherous road to house overhauling.

Don’t Despise Your Singleness


Are you despising your singleness ? If you are single and in your twenties, you have heard it before; you know all the things people say to singles. Like, why aren’t you married yet? What’s wrong with you? It seems that the older we get, the barrage of questions keep on coming more often.

Jesus Accepts People Who Are Gay, but He Won’t Leave Them That Way.


Lately, there has been a lot of debates about the issue of gay marriage and everyone wants to know whose side you’re on. Are you a Conservative or a Liberal? Republican or Democrat? Or are you a Republicrat? However,within the chaos there are real people who struggle with being attracted to the opposite sex. These people are either left hopeless or confused.